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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Restoring deleted files from Avast Chest

Restoring deleted files from avast chest

Avast as we all know, to be an antivirus, and most of all, it has been the most popular and easy to use anti-virus in 2010-2014. Avast as we most know to be a good ativirus has its own Recycle Bin, where deleted files can be restored.

First of all, lets know why avast would have to remove viruses from your computer, and sometimes deleting even the most necessary documents we would never have wanted to lose them even for a minute.
The avast antivirus software which is designed to scan through your  computer with or without your knowledge, is capable of blocking, and removing infected files from your computer, including blocking some websites from downloading viruses to your computer without your knowledge. Avast is not designed to delete useful documents, but it can in case where viruses have attached themselves to this documents, so as to gain easy access to your computers files when you open these files. There are some viruses that have attached themselves into documents saved on your computer, so as to execute themselves when these files are opened by the user. The avast antivirus software does not remove the document of may grounds, but because these viruses have attached themselves into these files. It could be a line of code, attached to these, and because the avast antivirus is not designed to scan and remove a line of code, but to remove the entire infected file from the computer to its folders, known as the virus chest. However it may be the same case with other anti viruses, but this document is grounded on avast antivirus. 

Look at this case as too much salt in a pot of soup. You are still very hungry, but you can’t just eat the food because of its saltiness. The salt in this case is the virus, for about the fact that salt was supposed to be in it anyway, but let’s look at the case of too much of it. Now what if you were asked to was out the salt, leaving the soup at its very best quality, is that really easy to do? I guess there is no supper man these days, or it may be in movies. Now the problem is not just the salt, but the food itself, ells you would wash and eat. You can’t pick out salt from already cooked food, so all you do is “open the trash can, and turn the whole of it into the trash can”.

The avast antivirus simply deletes the entire document to keep your stomach free from diseases that could be come as a result of too much salt.
Now we are not only concerned about how and why it removes, but we are also concerned about restoring important infected documents. The avast chest folder holds eat an every file deleted from your computer for a specified number of days and deletes it completely. The default virus chest size is set to 256MB and when it reaches this defined size, it can no longer hold files in this folder and will have to delete or overwrite older files in the chest, so make sure the file you want to restore doesn’t stay in there for too long, ells you will lose it.

You will have to do this.

The chest folder can be located in the program files in the avast folders, but restoring from there wouldn’t be that easy, so you can use the easy method through the avast interface.
Double click the avast icon in system tray, the interface opens with the “current status tap”. Click “Maintenance” from left bottom menu.
In the maintenance tap, click “Virus Chest” to see a list of deleted files.
You may have to disable avast before restoring, ells the file will be deleted before it reaches its destination. 

The avast antivirus scans files when opening and writing, so if the file had been deleted because its infected, bear in mind that it still will be deleted as long as the virus is still attached to it.
You may consider opening and re-saving the document in another location with a different name, this may work as well as failing. 

You can read through the files to see their names and their locations. Right click a file and chose restore, if the file is still in place it will as you to either overwrite, skip or bla bla bla. Chose overwrite to update to original document. You are done, but consider re-saving the document in another location. 

NB: This goes same for any other files of any format, and will accept the same procedure.
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to activate facebook mobile text messages

Ooooh, you want facebook to tell you
 whats going on right at home right? 
You have got just what it takes to have 
it done in a few seconds. You only need 
to assign facebook to do so and you are don. 

Facebook mobile text helps you see who and what is happening in facebook, even though off line.  If you can activate mobile text in facebook, you will be abele read a few messages friends send while you are off line, see newly updated status, friend requests and confirmation. The most beautiful is that you do not need connections to use this function. It is all free and it only cost maybe when you have to reply a text from mobile, depending on mobile operator, it may vary.
To activate this function, you need to be logged into your account to make changes.
Click the settings icon at extreme top right and choose “Account settings” from the drop down menu.
Click “Notifications “from the left panel in the following page, then click “Edit” from Text Message line, listed in the middle column under (Notification Settings). Click “activate text messaging” and follow the instructions.